3005 and 2305
3005 and 2305 Men Safety Shoe Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia Supply Supplier Manufacturer | Chen Wing Shoes Store
Art No : 2305 (with steel toe cap, steel mid sole, general leather and side reinforced stitching)
Art No : 3005 (with steel toe cap, general leather and side reinforced stitching)
Color : Black
Features : Hi-cut with zipper, prevent debris from falling in the shoe, easy to wear.
Suitable Industry : General, Constructions and Welding

Genuine Leather Upper Normal Acid Resistant Outsole
Hot Resistant Outsole Up to 300 C Oil Resistant Outsole
Steel Toe-Cap 200 Joules Steel Mid-Sole Pierce Resistant
Steel Mid-Sole Pierce Resistant Slip Resistant Outsole
Nitrile Rubber Outsole Re-Inforce Side Stiching

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